Create a Usersnap Project

Create a Platform Project

In your Usersnap dashboard, click on 'New Project'.

Choose a project template:

  • Product testing feedback (Bug tracking, Quick issue reporting, UAT, and Beta test)
  • Customer feedback (Micro survey, User feedback, Feature request, and Feedback menu)
  • Product insight (Feature Requests, etc)
  • Research survey (Customer effort, Product-market fit, New feature poll, etc)
  • Satisfaction rating (Customer satisfaction, NPS, and customer engagement)

Name your project

Give your project a name and define where the widget shall appear (this can be changed later as well).
If you'd like to restrict access to this project, please check the box below and hit "Done".


Now, you can proceed with the project's configuration and other settings, such as the integrations.


How do I change a project's name?

It’s possible to change the project name by clicking on it in the project configuration


Usersnap widgets work on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones

Your feedback widgets will work on the browsers on (almost ;) all of your users' devices. Collect user feedback not only on desktop screen sizes but also on tablet and mobile phones. More information about this topic

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