Feedback with a screen recording

Now available in the rating widgets

What is the Screen Recording feature?

The Screen Recording feature offers your users to record a (max. 3 min) video of their issue. That will help you to understand any issue in your flows or processes on your website or within your web application.

The video feedback submitters can decide if they want to record both the audio and video.

If they allow Usersnap to use their microphone, the video will then include the audio as well.

They can also choose between recording the entire screen, the application window, and the browser tab.

Once the item is submitted, you can watch the video directly in the Feedback list from the dashboard.

In addition, for non-internal bug tracking project types, the screenshot and screen recording feature can be turn on and off in the project settings.



Please, be aware of these limitations

  • The screen recording (video) feature is not supported on mobile web browsers and it does not work on Safari browsers (desktop).
  • The screen recording feature is only available in a secure context.
  • Hidding personal identifiable information and masking confidential areas is currently not possible in this feature

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