Jira Cloud with Jira Forge

Harnessing the power of Atlassian's Jira Forge, Usersnap offers advanced features that enhance your Jira Cloud integration, including:

  • Two-Way Status Syncing: Our state-of-the-art integration provides seamless communication between Jira and Usersnap. When a status is updated in either platform, it's automatically reflected in the other. This feature not only eliminates the need for manual updates but also streamlines your workflows and synchronizes your teams.
  • Adjustable Field Values: Before manually sending a feedback item to Jira, you have the flexibility to adjust and edit the Jira fields. This allows for greater control over how your feedback is presented.
  • Adding Feedback Items as 'Insights' to Jira Discovery: Effortlessly add feedback items as insights into your Jira Discovery projects, turning user feedback into actionable product improvements.

These powerful features, made possible by Jira Forge, enhance the security, reliability, and functionality of our integration, delivering an efficient and effective sync process for your Jira Cloud experience.

Here's how you can configure them in Usersnap:

To start with the integration, please make sure that you install the Usersnap app from the Jira marketplace:


Old Jira Integration

If you are still using the old integration (Jira Cloud Legacy) then please create a new integration for Jira Cloud.

After adding the integration, you need to add a "Webtrigger URL" and a "Secret field".:

How to add "Webtrigger URL" and a "Secret field"?

You'll get these two fields after you install the Usersnap app from the Jira marketplace:

Enter the values accordingly and then click on the "Connect now" button.

Two-way status syncing

In order to enable the two-way status sync feature, navigate to the "Status sync" section, and then check the "Enable two-way status syncing between Jira and Usersnap" option:

After enabling it, you should define which status in Jira should be connected to the ‘Done’ and the 'Open' status in Usersnap.

The following GIF represents an example of how the status of the feedback items can be synced:

Now, when a feedback item's status changes in Jira, Usersnap's dashboard automatically shows comments about this change:

You can also enable the email notification to receive emails whenever the status of a feedback item changes via Jira. The email that you would receive looks like this:

Editing Jira fields before pushing feedback items to Jira

As mentioned before, you have the option to edit certain Jira fields before sending a feedback item to Jira.

To enable this feature, you need to activate the "Jira field validation" option in the Jira Cloud integration settings:

After that, Just like the following GIF, open your desired feedback item, and then head over to Share -> Send to integration -> Jira Forge. Once you do that, you get to change the Jira field values accordingly.

When adjusting field values, you have the ability to set two new fields, "Label" and "Component":

Enabling Jira Forge fields for widgets

The assignee and issue type can be configured in the integration settings. However, you can also allow the submitters to pick the Jira issue type and/or assignee when submitting.

Add Feedback Items as Jira Discovery Insights

To add feedback items as insights into your Jira Discovery project, simply copy your chosen feedback item's link and paste it into the 'insights' section of your Jira Discovery idea.

The detailed guide can be found in Jira Product Discovery - Insights.