What is the "Form" of a widget?

The layout of a feedback widget can be easily configured here in this tab.

You can design the widget's components of various fields such as the header, user emails, ticket assignees, checkboxes, poll options, etc.

It can also be viewed in the "Preview" section so not only can you decide what the contents and the text of questions and placeholders should be but also adjust their sequences accordingly.

This makes your widget customizable and easily adaptable based on the user experience.

Add additional custom fields to your feedback widget

A custom field can come in handy when you need your user to check out specific documentation for instance. It also allows you to ask for the phone number or if you have to add additional questions.

Usersnap's feedback widget can be customized with almost no limitation.
From the header to the disclaimer, from the raters to various fields, and from poll options to screenshots.


All of the above-mentioned can be easily added or removed from your widget.


On the right part of the screen is the overview of your form and you can even go to "Preview" to test it in a demo environment.