User roles

There are 2 levels of user roles in the dashboard.

Team level


Team adminAll plansThe user who starts the trial and subscribes to the service.
AdminOnly available for Premium & Enterprise plans.Added by the team admin.
MemberAll plansInvited by the team admin.
Space AdminAll plansThe user who creates the space.
Space ContributorAll plansInvited by the team admin.
Space ViewerAll plansInvited by the team admin.

Company Level Permissions:

Permission \ RoleTeam adminAdminMember
Delete teamYes
Delete usersYesYesCan only delete themselves.
Create & delete invitesYesYesYes
Change ownershipYesYes
Change user role
(not ownership)
Deciding which user role can invite new membersYesYes
Access & Change billing info
(upgrade, downgrade & cancel)

Space Level Permissions:

Permission \ RoleSpace adminSpace contributorSpace viewer
Transfer ownershipYes
Change space access settings
(private/public, select members)
YesCan only delete themselves.
View space & contentYesYesYes
Contribute in space

-reply in projects
-add/remove labels
-change project settings
Access access-restricted spaceYes

The user roles can be configured in the tab of "Manage Team".


Project level

Permission \ RoleTeam admin & project ownerProject membersOthers
Transfer ownershipYes
Change project access settings
(private / public, select members)
Access / delete / update projectYesYesCan still see an entry for the project on the display rules summary on the “Installation tab“.
Transfer project to another spaceYes


For public projects, every team member is treated as a project member.