User roles

There are 2 levels of user roles in the dashboard.

Team level


Team adminAll plansThe user who starts the trial and subscribes to the service.
AdminOnly available for Premium & Enterprise plans.Added by the team admin.
MemberAll plansInvited by the team admin.


Permission \ RoleTeam adminAdminMember
Delete teamYes
Delete usersYesYesCan only delete themselves.
Create & delete invitesYesYesYes
Change ownershipYesYes
Change user role
(not ownership)
Deciding which user role can invite new membersYesYes
Access & Change billing info
(upgrade, downgrade & cancel)

The user roles can be configured in the tab of "Manage Team".


Project level

Permission \ RoleTeam admin & project ownerProject membersOthers
Transfer ownershipYes
Change project access settings
(private / public, select members)
Access / delete / update projectYesYesCan still see an entry for the project on the display rules summary on the “Installation tab“.


For public projects, every team member is treated as a project member.