Setting up a menu with multiple feedback options

Great. You want to start collecting feedback from your users and customers. If you want to route your feedback to multiple teams or collect it in separate buckets based on the intention of your users, let's start by setting up the Usersnap feedback menu on your website or web application.

What do I need?

Let's assume you want to have four menu items on a central feedback menu on your website or within your product. One item should be a link to your help center (just an URL) and one item should be opening up your external customer service chat (i.e. Intercom).

You need three feedback projects to be set up
The feedback menu is a separate project where you handle the single menu items and the visibility of the button and widget.

Do I need to install a snippet code for each project?

No. Our Usersnap snippet code is a global snippet. You just have to install it once and it lets you control all the widgets and buttons. That's really great :+1:

Let's kick off things with the installation

The first step is to install the Usersnap snippet code on a central place in your app.

Now, create 3 projects in your Usersnap dashboard

In this example, we use 1 project for the feedback menu, 1 project for "Bug Tracking" and 1 project for measuring Customer Satisfaction. You can add up to 4 projects within one feedback menu. But let's start with this number.

Let's say you create

  • one Bug Tracking project (for your users to send in issue reports)
  • one Customer Satisfaction project (for your users to rate their experience)
  • one feedback Menu project (for you to handle the feedback menu)

Note: Some additional information on the feedback menu.

Only the feedback button of the feedback menu should be visible

Step 1: We have to set the so-called "Display rules" right so that the widgets only appear when we want them to appear.

Step 2: We should not forget to press the "Set live" button on each project. This controls whether the project is available at all or not. Great to pause a project quickly.

feedback menu
The feedback menu widget must be "set live" and in the "Display" tab of the "Configuration", you can set a path where the widget should appear. Let's say your web app is provided under the URL Use the "URL contains" limiter to display the widget on all URLs starting with this URL.

The other two widgets' audience should be set to "Nobody" so that the buttons of these widgets are not showing up.

Configure the feedback menu with your help center linking to a URL and your customer service chat using the "JavaScript code execution". This code varies from tool to tool, so depending on which tool you apply, that will change. Please kindly check that out for your chatting tool's specifics.

Some additional information on the feedback menu.

Now, you should be ready to go. Start collecting feedback.

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