The impact of an outro

An outro concludes the whole feedback collection.
It keeps your audience engaged and has the feeling of being part of your community.

Not only does an outro leave your audience with impactful impressions, but it also wraps up the process on a good note.
It can be used as an "auto-reply" in order to convey certain business-related messages as well.


Customizing of the widget's thank-you-page - the outro screen

There's an outro screen after a feedback item is submitted. There is a default text that is automatically translated in all default languages.

However, you can of course write your own text and link an URL to redirect your visitors elsewhere as desired. This can be used as a way to set up the parameter in order to track your visitor's path.


Enabling & disabling the outro message

You have the freedom to easily toggle the outro message on or off according to your preference. By default, the outro message is enabled for all projects.

Please be aware that for embedded widgets, disabling the outro message will result in the widget refreshing a few moments after feedback submission. Consequently, users will be presented with a fresh form.