Our AI features help free teams’ time to focus more on strategic tasks in product development.

Usersnap has launched a BETA version of various AI features for you to explore and determine their potential to enhance your workflow. Follow the instructions below to access the AI features.

Team-level settings:

Once your team opts in for the AI features, the team admin needs to enable the AI features for the whole team.

Go to "My Account" -> "Account settings" ->then switch on the AI features.

Project-level settings

When the AI features are enabled for the team, each project owner can activate individual AI features for the project.

Go to "Project settings" -> "Manage" ->"Automations" and then toggle on the features you'd like to try out. Don't forget to hit the "Save" button at the end.


The AI actions are applied to new items and they are reversable:

The applications will be valid and applied only to the new feedback items that are submitted after the change is saved.

If the end result is not what you expected, you can simply deactivate the features for your project and save the changes.

Actions done by the AI technologies will be marked with such messages in order for you to distinguish the executor.
They can be easily removed if preferred.

Smart labeling

It's recommended to define the labels you'd like to be applied automatically in order to optimize the usage.

When the wording on labels is clear and precise, the end result can be more ideal.

AI suggested replies

When replying to feedback submitters, if the email address is fetched and the AI feature is enabled, you can generate an AI reply in order to save some time.

There are 2 styles of suggested replies, "Friendly" and "Professional". Pick the one that fits your tone of voice better. The submitter will receive the reply by email in this case.

Automated insights

The automated insights can be found under the "Insights" tab. It usually takes some time to be generated.
The summary is done based on the feedback items collected within the specific time frame defined in the window.

Spam detection

Items that appear to be spam will be noted automatically. You can also mark it as spam manually.

What’s Next

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