Run with conditional logic

Deploying a survey with conditional formatting in minutes

Using the conditional logic like this so you can really understand the users.

Toggle on "Add logic".

Add any type of field below the poll and define the branches.

Take the "churn reason" survey as an example. We have the branches configured in the fashion that the follow-up questions correspond with users' selected option.

Connected to a "short answer" in order to know the who your competitor is.

Direct your users to the current promotion so they can reconsider the offer.

Having a dropdown field can save your users' time and boost the traffic.

Allowing your users to attach the invoice with issue directly in the form so you'll have everything needed to tackle the issue.

The beauty of this feature is the flexibility and you won't need to compromise on the creativity you have in the process.
The "Insights" tab will offer you the data overview for your reference and evidence.

When setting up conditional polls, you can also select multiple answers. Choosing two or more answers will display all related follow-up questions.


This is a gated feature

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