Board for your guest users

Share the project's overview with external parties

This is what you can do in the Board.

The guest users can see a list of feedback items and comment on them.

The guests can add a new feedback item directly from the board which will then be revealed in the feedback list of your dashboard. They can also vote for certain items they prefer.


In addition, the search box allows guests to find a specific item they are looking for.


Looking into the details of a feedback item and drop your comment directly. The comment left in the Board will then appear in the Usersnap dashboard as well.


Share the board in the Usersnap dashboard

In the Usersnap dashboard, you can share your project via a link that is under the Config. tab in the "Manage"->"Board" section.
Switch on "Publish to board" and you can copy the URL to share it with your guests manually now.

Additionally, you can even specify if labels should be displayed on the board, and if yes - which ones


Limited board view

The "Limited board view" option gives you the flexibility to limit the board in a way that your users will only be able to see their own submitted feedback items.

If you view a "Limited Board", there will be no option to upvote.

Note that your users will have to identify themselves whenever they want to access the limited board view:


Notification from the board

When receiving an email notification concerning new changes, such as comments & replies, of the board, please do NOT answer the email directly. It is because it serves purely as a notification rather than a thread. Kindly go to the project's Usersnap dashboard or the board for the guest users itself to reply.