Feedback widget

Different feedback widget types

The Usersnap feedback platform offers your company a lot of different feedback types to collect feedback from your user or customers along the product development lifecycle or user journeys.

Collecting user feedback and researching your customers' needs removes the gut-feeling from product development.

What features are the Usersnap widgets offering?

  • Collect feedback within your website or web application
  • Display a feedback button within the context of your SaaS/software product
  • Collect beta-testing, UAT, or QA feedback with all the context necessary
  • Collect feedback with qualitative micro-surveys, no large, complex forms
  • Let your users take screenshots or screen recordings from their browsers
  • Collect not only the feedback of your users but also the meta-data of their devices, browsers, screen-sizes, URL, location, etc
  • Ask questions or add raters to the widgets (like NPS, CSAT, CES, etc)
  • Link various widgets to ask multiple questions
  • Trigger questions after a finished step or process within your web app/service
  • Collect the browser errors (JavaScript) from the console log
  • No browser extension needed, but you can use such technology
  • and a lot more

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