The #1 user feedback platform - Usersnap helps you to capture, organize, respond, and scale user feedback all in one place.

What is Usersnap?

Usersnap is more than a platform to collect and manage feedback: we pave the road for customer-led growth. Usersnap helps digital products increase feedback interactions and gather insights on customer problems.

“Finally, users tell us exactly what they feel and need.“ Is what product teams say and they go on to build features that gains the trust of their users. How so?

  • Feedback widgets with screen capture: makes your communication with users on complicated issues much easier.

  • Targeted microsurveys: boosts engagement and ensures precise insights for you to make decisions with evidence.

  • Intuitive dashboard and set up: saves time for non-tech savvy teams in research, testing and monitoring customer sentiment.

  • Community and conversations: get the collective VoC with community upvotes. Build real relationships with your users by replying to feedback through Usersnap or have a open discussion on the public Usersnap Board.

Usersnap empowers startups to agile enterprises to avoid failures and build products that matter, all with the clarity of customer feedback.

What features are the Usersnap widgets offering?

  • Display a feedback button within the context of your SaaS/software product
  • Collect beta-testing, UAT, or QA feedback with all the context necessary
  • Collect feedback with qualitative micro-surveys, no large, complex forms
  • Let your users take screenshots or screen recordings from their browsers
  • Collect not only the feedback of your users but also the meta-data of their devices, browsers, screen-sizes, URL, location, etc
  • Ask questions or add raters to the widgets (like NPS, CSAT, CES, etc)
  • Link various widgets to ask multiple questions
  • Trigger questions after a finished step or process within your web app/service
  • Collect the browser errors (JavaScript) from the console log
  • No browser extension needed, but you can use such technology
  • and a lot more