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Screenshots are corrupted or not accurate

My users can't submit screenshots in the widgets

The widget or feedback button is not showing

Emails or notifications are not arriving

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Why am I not receiving emails from Usersnap?

Please, check your spam folder.

Every email that comes from the Usersnap applications should come from one IP address.


We will move our mail servers to another cloud provider in April 2021 and the IP address will change. The new IP address will be added as soon as we switched.

That includes new screens, email integration, invitation, notifications, etc. If you whitelist that IP address, the emails shall go through smoothly.

Why are all requests on my website failing after adding Usersnap?

This could have been caused by the console recorder. Please kindly check if your console recorder feature is activated. If so, please deactivate it and things should be working normally again.

Why does the Usersnap button/widget not show although the snippet was installed?

In this case please check if the project was set live or if it's been paused. It can be seen from the projects' overview or inside a specific project.

If the project is "set live" but the button/widget still does not appear, please kindly double-check on its display rules and see if they were configured accordingly.

Do the Usersnap widgets slow down my site?

The Usersnap widgets are loaded asynchronously (like Google Analytics). It DOES NOT impact your page loading and rendering times. Additionally, we are using a strong CDN to ensure the best user experience.

Read the article about "Improving the page speed"

Why can't your users submit a screenshot if your DOM (HTML) is too huge?

With every screenshot, our widget is currently also submitting a snapshot of your DOM (document object model) of your HTML page. Sometimes, this DOM can be huge especially if you have a Single-Page-Application (SPA) or your company is using a framework like VUE.js, etc.

Due to protect Usersnap against any attacks we limit the so-called payload (size of the DOM) to 20 MB (mega-bytes). If your DOM is bigger than that, you will not be able to submit the screenshot.

We are working on an alternative to make that work for you, but currently, this is a hard limit.

Updated 2 months ago

General Topics

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