Privacy and Security FAQ

GDPR/CCPA & Privacy & Security

Can confidential parts of screenshots and screen recording be hidden?

You can count on us! Privacy is important. We implemented a PII feature for you.

You can define elements that are automatically hidden on every screenshot or video (payment details etc).

Additionally, you can activate the hide-feature for your users so that they can hide information for your team.

More importantly, the contents of that container will not even be transmitted to our rendering engine.

To always hide elements in your web application or website, let your developers apply this CSS class "usprivacy".

<ul class="usprivacy">
    <li>This is a super private content.</li>

Is Usersnap GDPR compliant?

Yes, Usersnap is 100% GDPR compliant. Find more on our GDPR page.

Is Usersnap CCPA compliant?

Yes, Usersnap is CCPA compliant.

Where is the data stored?

We are using data centers from AWS (Amazon Web Services) which are only located in Europe (Germany or Ireland). All data is safely stored and reside within the EU. In addition, our servers are running in AWS in the EU-central-1 region (Frankfurt, Germany). Find more on our GDPR page. And read everything we've implemented to give you the highest security possible.

Can Usersnap provide Enterprise security?

We are working hard to make Usersnap rock-solid to protect your user and customer data. Please, read everything we've implemented to give you the highest security possible.

How long is the data retained with Usersnap?

  1. Automatic deletion: 71 days after a paid subscription expires. It's also valid for the trial accounts.
  2. Manual deletion: After users delete their account or feedback items, the data will be deleted immediately and is retained in backups for up to 31 days. Note that Usersnap will NOT recover data deleted.
    This information concerning the retention of data is only valid for the Platform system.

Can I hire your service to only process our data without keeping any of it?

Yes, Usersnap does offer the process-only service. That means all the feedback will be deleted on our end right after it's sent to your assigned 3rd party tool, i.e., an integration.


Delete after delivered

This is an enterprise feature. Please contact our customer success team to discuss this in detail.