User List

The User List feature provides a comprehensive overview of user data, allowing you to gain valuable insights, segment users, and target them more effectively based on their feedback and behavioral data.

The User List feature is an essential tool for better understanding your users and making data-driven decisions. By utilizing user data and feedback history, you can create targeted segments for improved analysis and interactions. Make the most of this feature to enhance the overall experience for your users and optimize your product management, research, and customer support initiatives.

To access this section, simply select one of your available Spaces and then click on the "User list" icon:

After that, you'll see a list of users that have sent feedback to projects that are available in your selected Space:

User profile

Click on individual users to view their complete user profiles, including their feedback history and user properties:

Filtering and Segmenting Users

Use the filters to segment users based on their attributes and feedback engagement.

You can also create segments based on your preferred filters such as user properties, feedback ratings, and more.