Slack Integration

for Platform projects

Connect Usersnap to Slack

Usersnap can notify your Slack channels when a new feedback item is submitted to your Platform project. To connect your project to a Slack channel, please follow these instructions:

Go to the Integration tab in your Usersnap Platform project and click on 'Slack'.


Connect your Slack account to Usersnap.

Choose the target channel to which Usersnap will post your notifications. You can also choose to push the ticket or close the ticket automatically. Click on 'Save' after all changes are done.


You will now start receiving feedback items pushed to your Slack channel.



If the integration fails to connect and an error message relates to pagination is shown, please understand you have run into pagination limits.

In fact, slack pagination counts pages of resources that even the user might not have access to, I.E. the sum of the whole organization of yours.

And as we already have the highest limit possible, there isn't a possible workaround on our end unfortunately.

Since there are two resources which can run into these limits: channels and users - a workaround on your end could potentially help. Your organization can try deleting unused channels and users. However, please note this is depending on how far your organization exceeded the pagination limit, hence it might work differently on a case base.