Quick Series to Usersnap Mastery

Embark on our short seven-part video journey, where we'll guide you through the fundamentals of Usersnap. We'll explore diverse use cases, empowering you to onboard swiftly and efficiently.

What will be taught?

Great question! We've prepared a thrilling rollercoaster ride of 8 fantastic videos just for you! Ready to dive in? Here's a handy map of our journey, providing a sneak peek into each exciting level:

  • The basics of the dashboard (Dashboard Navigator)
  • Create & install your first project (Project Pioneer)
  • Integrations with Usersnap (Integration Innovator)
  • User roles and permissions (Role regulator)
  • Customize your widget (Widget Wizard)
  • Unlock the full potential with Usersnap’s API (API Adventurer)
  • Troubleshoot and common problems (Troubleshoot Titan)
  • Best practices (Usersnap Maestro)

Let's dive into the episodes!

Level 1: The basics of Usersnap's dashboard

Get ready for a thrilling virtual tour! By watching our next video, you'll crack the code on how Usersnap's dashboard is assembled and how you can effortlessly navigate it. It's like getting the secret map to a treasure chest! Here are the topics that will be discussed during the video:

  • The Welcoming Page (the first page that you see when you sign up for an account)
  • Various dashboard tabs and sections
  • The Basics of Spaces
  • Sidebar Menu

Once you've finished the video, boom! You're a certified "Dashboard Navigator"! Buckle up because you're ready to zoom off to your next exciting adventure – crafting and launching your very first project! 🔥

Level 2: Creating and installing your first project

Dive into Episode 2 to unlock new ways to streamline your workflows! From leveraging our expansive template library to mastering form customization, targeting, and widget installation, you'll gain practical skills to optimize and personalize your projects. Have a sneak peak of what's going to be inside the video:

  • The Project template library Overview
  • Different Types of Projects and Collections
  • Build and Customize your Form
  • Targeting/Displaying Options and Integrations
  • Project Settings
  • Installing the Widget Snippet Code

Level 3: Integrations with Usersnap

Step into Episode 3 to supercharge your integrations! You'll learn how to seamlessly add and configure integrations like Jira, Email, and Zapier, gaining invaluable insights to boost your project efficiency and expand your toolkit. Here's also the content of the video:

  • Adding and Configuring Integrations
  • Configuring Popular Integrations (Email, Jira, Azure DevOps)

Level 4: User roles and permissions

Immerse yourself in Episode 4 to harness the power of user roles! Discover the ins and outs of permissions and learn how to flexibly manage roles, arming you with the ability to create a more effective and balanced team. Have a look at the content of the video:

  • Different User Roles and Their Permissions
  • Understanding What's Allowed for Each Role
  • How to Change User Roles as a Team Admin

Level 5: Customize your widget

Tune into Episode 5 to tailor your audience targeting like a pro! Master our targeting tools and learn how to tweak your widget code, empowering you to engage your audience in the most effective way possible. Have a look at the content of the video:

  • The Build Tab in the Configuration Section of a Project
  • The Targeting Tools (User Segmentation and Custom Activation/Triggering)
  • Tweaking the Code for Targeted Audience Visibility

Links to the help pages that were referenced in the video

Level 6: Unlock the full potential with Usersnap’s API

Get ready for Episode 6, where we unlock the potential of our API! Dive into various use cases and learn how to customize your platform experience, equipping you with the tools to create a more dynamic and personalized user journey. Have a look at the content of the video:

  • Potential Use Cases with API
  • Custom Button Creation and Condition-Based Widget Triggers
  • Benefits of Using Our API

Links to the help pages that were referenced in the video

Level 7: Troubleshoot and common problems

Join us in Episode 7, where we tackle common problems head-on! Understand why some screenshot elements don't get captured and unravel the mystery of cross-origin content, equipping you with the knowledge to smooth out your project hurdles. Have a look at the content of the video:

  • Common Problems and Their Solutions
  • Understanding Why Some Elements in Screenshots are Not Captured
  • What is Cross-Origin Content and How it Can Cause Problems

Links to the help pages that were referenced in the video