Export your project

Export all feedback items of a project. You will get a threaded export format with all communication data included. The export will be in JSON-format along with all screenshots.

Use online-converters to convert to CSV or MS Excel.



JSON files

JSON collects all possible data that's collected including the internal notes and external replies of each item. It is recommended for the purpose of obtaining the whole project history.

The CSV export that works smarter

It is able to provide a better usability of user feedback data.

You can easily:

  • Segment feedback data based on labels, user data and custom data
  • Export feedback data to your CRM
  • Correlate NPS and CSAT scores with additional relevant data
  • Connect more than one CSV file to enrich your data

Let's take the Google Spreadsheet for instance:

After the exportation simply import the file with an upload.

Select the file accordingly and import data.

Via the CSV files the following values will be extracted for your further usage:

  • Project name
  • Project ID
  • Feedback item number
  • Time stamp of submission
  • Rating with follow-ups
  • Poll option(s) selected
  • Open-ended answers
  • Submitters' email (if collected)
  • Country
  • URL of feedback collection
  • Browser
  • Screen width and screen height
  • User data
  • Custom data
  • Label(s)


The exceptional values, which are not exported via CSV:

screenshot_url, screenshot_comments, screen_recording_url, state, priority, assignee, votes, likes, and done_at

Here we've created a video just for you.


This is a gated feature

Please contact our support for more details. customer success team