Export your project

Export all feedback items of a project. You will get a threaded export format with all communication data included. The export will be in JSON-format along with all screenshots.

Use online-converters to convert to CSV or MS Excel.


The CSV export that works smarter

It is able to provide a better usability of user feedback data.

You can easily:

  • Segment feedback data based on labels, user data and custom data
  • Export feedback data to your CRM
  • Correlate NPS and CSAT scores with additional relevant data
  • Connect more than one CSV file to enrich your data

Let's take the Google Spreadsheet for instance:

After the exportation simply import the file with an upload.

Select the file accordingly and import data.

The following values will be extracted for your further usage:

  • Feedback item number
  • Time stamp of submission
  • URL of feedback collection
  • Browser
  • Screen width and screen height
  • Submitters' email (if collected)
  • Country
  • Rating
  • Label(s)
  • Custom data
  • Poll option(s) selected


The exceptional values, which are not exported:

screenshot_url, screenshot_comments, screen_recording_url, state, priority, assignee, votes, likes, and done_at