Team Management

We believe in the power of teams, so should you

Add team members and collaborate

Usersnap works best for teams.

Invite your colleagues to your Usersnap team and start collaborating on customer feedback. Democratize feedback throughout your teams.

Click on the 'Team' icon on the upper left of your Usersnap dashboard to go to the Team section.

Add the email addresses of your colleagues in the 'Send invitations' bar.

You can see your current team members here as well as the pending invites you have sent.

In this section, you can also change the name of your team and configure who is able to invite new team members.

What is a team member?

A team member is someone who can log-in and have access to the Usersnap dashboard and can collaborate with other team members. External users or site visitors using Usersnap to send screens to the team are not considered as team members and are not counted in the user limit.

One user account in one team

In Usersnap one user account associated with a specific email can only join one team (account). If you want to manage multiple accounts, you can create an email with a (+) in it like [email protected]

Transfer ownership of your account

The owner of a team can transfer the ownership of the account to another member of the team.

This is important for billing concerns since only the owner of the team account can update the payment details of the account as well as proceed with the payment process.

Additionally, the team admin can delete team members.

Change the email of the team admin or a teammate

When the original team admin is A and you plan to replace it with B, please invite B to be a team member first.

After B joins the team please transfer the ownership of projects from A to B in order to secure the projects. And then, please assign B to be the new team admin.

After transferring, you can delete the A account if you want.

Please, make sure that you have transferred the ownership of the account to B before you delete the old team admin's account.


If you are a teammate, not the team admin, please take the same steps mentioned above without transferring the team's ownership. That means please invite your new email address to the team and delete the old email after it's done.

Delete your account


Please be aware that all your data, including team member accounts, projects, and screens, will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.

If you want to cancel your active subscription, please go to the "Upgrade Plan" page and click on the button "Cancel Subscription".

Here is how you can delete your account.

Please log in to your account and go to "My Account" -> "Team" -> "Delete Team".

Delete your user (team member)


Please, be aware that if you are a team admin, you will also delete your account with all data. Only delete your user after you transferred the ownership to someone else from your team.

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Team Management

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