Feedback list

What do you need for your daily management of your users' feedback?

Dashboard for feedback items


Statistics, Reports and Exporting

Additional Functions

Dashboard and feedback list

In each project, you have an overview of your feedback items in the "List" section.
The split view gives you a quick peek at the feedback items of this project.


View and manage feedback

By clicking on one of the feedback items, you can see the details of this feedback item on the right side in the so-called split view.

You can see and do various actions with the feedback item:

  • Set it to done
  • Display the added screenshot with the annotations
  • See the URL of the page where the feedback was submitted
  • See further comments and messages your users were sending you in this feedback item
  • Find the multiple comments that can be added to the screenshot
  • See the sentiment-analysis of the content with the smileys
  • Get more details like screen size, browser size, operating system, browser version and browser type, location, etc
  • Assign the feedback to a team member
  • Add labels to this feedback item to categorize the feedback
  • Send the feedback to an integrated third party solution
  • See when the feedback item was sent in
  • Read the communication with the user or team internally at the end of the feedback details

Bulk action

The possible bulk actions in the "Feedback list" and "Inbox" are as followed:

  • Delete
  • Change status
  • Assign
  • Label
  • Mark read/unread
  • Share/send to integration (not in inbox view)

Search and filtering feedback items

The search is quite powerful to filter the feedback items based on various search terms.

Within the search field, you can specify the different terms you are looking for. The search terms will not only do a full-text search but offer you to search specifically for labels, time periods, assigned persons, etc.

There are some useful filters, such as sent/not sent to integration and search feedback items by number "#", which are available as well.


It is also possible to apply a “not”-filter for labels and assignees

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You can also save your frequently used filters to create your own lists of feedback items in order to have a quick overview.


Communicate with your team and reply to customers via Usersnap

With the "reply" feature in each feedback item, you can enhance your customer support & communication with browser screenshots. By clicking on 'reply', your comment will be sent via email to your customer. The customer will receive an email containing the same conversation you see in your Usersnap dashboard.

Only messages sent to the customer can be viewed by the customer. When clicking on "Add notes", those notes will stay in the Usersnap dashboard as internal comments.

Your customer or website visitor will receive an email with your comment and can reply to you directly from his inbox. The original message and screenshot are also included so that they are always clear about which feedback item is this reply for.

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Notes are shared internally within the team only while replies will reach the item's reporter by email.


Moreover, users can edit/delete their own notes/replies. Concerning the replies sent by email, there is a delay of 3 minutes. Hence if the reply was edited within this timeframe, changes are included in the notification email.


In addition, an edited/deleted message can be seen clearly. One can also give the comment a "Like".

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It is possible to add up to 10 attachments to external replies or internal notes.


Saved replies

Users can create, edit, and select saved replies.
These "templates" are only available in the reply section, but not in notes.

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They are user based across all projects.
Hence you won't need to worry about other team members editing your own templates.



The "saved replies" feature is available from the Startup plan on

Add attachments to the conversation with your team or users

All team members can add an attachment to a reply or a note of a certain feedback item.


In addition, reporters can also add attachments to the very feedback item submitted by oneself directly from the received email. The attached file will then be presented in the timeline of this item.


Manage and add labels to feedback items

You can add labels to each feedback item to easily categorize your feedback items.

Add an existing label or create new ones. Remove them later on if necessary.


If you click on the "Edit" button, an existing label can be updated at any time.


You can also choose to create a brand new label. Just start typing and hit "Create" in the end.


Assign feedback items to your team

In each feedback item detail view, you can assign a feedback item to one of your team members. When you do that, your team member gets a notification about the assignment.