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Does the Usersnap Track widget slow down my site?

The Usersnap Track snippet is loaded asynchronously (like Google Analytics) - It does not impact page loading and rendering times. Additionally, we are using a strong CDN to ensure the best user experience.

Which browsers are supported by Usersnap Track?

Usersnap Track supports all major browsers, both desktop, and mobile.

The following lists the specific browser versions Usersnap Track supports:

  • Chrome versions 50 and above
  • Firefox versions 44 and above
  • IE versions 10 and above
  • Edge versions 31 and above

Does Usersnap Track work in local development environments?

In order to use Usersnap Track with a local development machine (or any other on-premise machine), we recommend a forwarding service like PageKite. Another option is to use our browser extensions they work in a local environment, too.

What is the maximum supported screen resolution of Usersnap Track?

Usersnap Track supports screen resolutions up to 4K high definition, which results in 3840x2160 pixels for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

If the screen size exceeds the corresponding maximum screen resolution, your image will be cropped. If you need larger screens for your web project, please contact us, we are happy to find a custom solution for you.

Does Usersnap Track support Adobe Flash?

Usersnap Track supports embedded Flash on your pages. However, it's currently not possible to capture the state of those Flash objects itself (e.g. video position, ...).

Does Usersnap Track support WebGL?

Yes, but we need your help to make your WebGL application using the <canvas> element compatible with Usersnap. Please enable the option 'preserveDrawingBuffer' where you create your canvas context:

gl = canvas.getContext("experimental-webgl", {preserveDrawingBuffer: true});

General Topics