Usersnap space (global) code snippet

Why is it called the Usersnap space (global) code snippet? Because within the same space you only have to install one code on all your websites/web applications and you define it in your dashboard with feedback widget/feedback button showing up. And define in your dashboard where and when the feedback widget/button should appear.

General concept

There is a code snippet, that you or your developers have to install once in your web application or website, on all places where you would like to have Usersnap widgets possibly displayed.

This Usersnap snippet code (space snippet) allows you to define the visibility of each feedback project on your own terms.


Once you created a new feedback project, you should specify when and where it should be displayed. That's how you make sure that the widget or button only appears on the website pages or your web application where it should appear. You can also limit the visibility to certain user groups.

Once you set it "live", it will show up on all the specified locations.

The space (global) code snippet is shared across all projects of a team. Hence you don't need to install a different snippet every time. Please copy and install this one snippet everywhere your widgets shall pop while defining each project's disapplying path in the "Target" tab differently.