Create a Menu & Route Feedback

The Routing Menu Widget

It is possible to have multiple projects installed on the same site targeting different types of feedback.

You might also have the need to include a chat for customer service and a link to your help center (documentation).

Create a "Routing Menu" project and select the checkboxes of projects you want to route in the drop-down menu. You can fill out the details of them and don't forget the icons and colors are also configurable.

How do I include my customer support chat into the routing menu, i.e. Intercom?

​It can be done easily and let's take "Intercom" as an example.

Go to the "Form" tab and choose "Execute Javascript Code". Add the JavaScript code of your customer support chat solution to open it. In this case, it's "Intercom('show')".

This code varies from solution to solution, depending on which software you use.

Please, verify this installation code with your tech team.

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Create a Menu & Route Feedback

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