CSS/Style Issues with Usersnap Screens

This section shows you how to configure your settings if you encounter CSS or Style issues when creating screens with Usersnap.

CSS/Style Issues in Rendered Screen

There may be instances when your Usersnap screens are not correctly rendered or lack CSS/style information. This is usually if your site is behind a firewall or requires basic authentication. It can also be that your static resources are protected.

Usersnap's rendering engine needs access to your site's static resources (images + stylesheets) to be able to render your screens accurately. You can find instructions here on how to fix this.

Cross-origin Content

Cross-origin content is not captured and rendered in the Usersnap screen. This is because the browser does not allow the Usersnap widget to capture cross-origin content.

In this case, we suggest uploading a normal screenshot of the webpage to your Usersnap dashboard or using our browser extensions to create a screen which shows the cross-origin content.

Updated 4 months ago

CSS/Style Issues with Usersnap Screens

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