Micro surveys

Multi-choice pop-up mini surveys

Understand and validate your customers' motivations and needs with a short website or in-app survey. The easier it is for customers to respond, the more answers you will get!

Here's a video with 9 examples of mini-surveys that you use to understand the customer journey:

How to create a microsurvey

Start with the Micro survey project template. All questions and answer fields can be customized.

Use the question type Poll and define answer options, you can add as many choices of answers as you wish. The answer type is single selection. For multiple selction, you can use the Checkbox field.

The results of the survey are shown in Statistics. Each poll question has its own doughnut chart card.

Note that if you change the answer options after the project has collected replies, the old responses will show the original answer, only the new responses will be counted with the new answer option(s).

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