Usersnap Classic Notifications

Usersnap Classic's notifications get you updated on new activities and events from your users and colleagues.

With the Usersnap Classic notification settings, you can control the following channels:

Email notifications

Email notifications are a great way to get notified of new screens, comments, and other activities via email.

You can configure how you want to receive updates on new project activities. These settings can be found in My Account > Notifications.

  • Do not notify me: You won’t receive any notification emails at all.
  • Collect activities and notify me periodically: You will receive summary emails on new activities every once in a while.
  • Notify me instantly: You will receive notification emails right away as soon as new activities occur.

Project-based notifications

For every project, you can also define if you'd like to get email notifications on screens other people have created. You can change this in the notifications tab of every project's settings.

Screen-based notifications

For every screen, you can also subscribe to its updates. When the comments are not left by you, you will get notified.

Notification plugins

Modern team communication tools allow the whole team to keep track of what's going on in your project. Usersnap Classic allows you to integrate your project notifications to Slack.

You can find more information on these notification plugins here:

  • Slack

In-app notification center

With the in-app notification center, you can see all updates happening in your projects. Activities across all projects are summarized in this notification center.

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