Connecting Usersnap Classic Projects with GitLab

GitLab and Usersnap Classic can be easily connected.

Usersnap supports both cloud accounts on as well as on-premise installations.

For on-premise Gitlab, Usersnap integrates with Gitlab version 9.0 (released March 2017) and above.

Here's how it works:

Go to the Access Tokens tab on the Profile settings of your GitLab account.

Create a personal token for use in your Usersnap Integration settings. Enable API access for the personal token.

Copy the personal token. You will need this when you connect Usersnap Classic to Gitlab.

If you have a self-hosted on-premise instance of Gitlab, please make sure your integration server allows access from our rendering IPs and if you are using SSL, that you have valid certificates in place. You can check out SSL Labs certificate.

Go to your Usersnap Classic project’s 3rd Party Integration tab and select Gitlab from the grid.

Enter your Gitlab personal token. If you are using the on-premise version, you will need to enter your hostname. Click on 'Connect now!'.

You can now choose the GitLab project where you want to send your Usersnap screens, the default assignee, milestone as well as issue labels.

Click 'Save' and start sending your Usersnap screens directly to your GitLab project.

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