Fogbugz (Manuscript)

Connecting Classic Internal Bug Tracking Projects with Fogbugz (Manuscript)

Usersnap and Fogbugz (Manuscript) can be easily connected.

Here's how it works:

Go to your Usersnap project’s 3rd Party Integration tab and select Manuscript from the grid.

Usersnap supports both versions of Fogbugz (Manuscript): on demand and on premise.
Please enter your account information and your connection URL for your Fogbugz (Manuscript) user. If you are using Fogbugz (Manuscript) on demand, please make sure to use "https" instead of "http".

After successfully connecting Fogbugz (Manuscript) and Usersnap, you can set up different fields for your reports, including your Fogbugz (Manuscript) project and area, as well as a milestone, category, and status. You can also set the reporter, assignee and the priority of the ticket.

Click 'Save' and start sending your Usersnap screens directly to Fogbugz (Manuscript).

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Fogbugz (Manuscript)

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