Usersnap FAQ

What is the definition of a Usersnap team member?

A team member is someone who can log-in and have access to the Usersnap dashboard and can collaborate with other team members. External users or site visitors using Usersnap to send screens to the team are not considered as team members and are not counted in the user limit.

Can I archive my projects?

The Usersnap QA project's archive feature is available starting from the Company plan. The Usersnap Company Plan includes five archived project slots.

The Usersnap QA project's export feature is available only on our Enterprise plans. For more information, please get in touch with the team.

Is Usersnap available in different languages?

The Usersnap QA and Customer Feedback Widgets support eight (8) different languages.
You can configure this in your QA project's widget settings, Customer Feedback project's widget settings or via API.
Currently available languages are:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Turkish

Can I customize the Usersnap widgets?

Our standard plans include a variety of widget colors and themes you can choose from.

Our Enterprise Plans allow more customization such as white labeling and widget text and styles. For more information, please get in touch with the team.

Can I join more than one team?

No, you can only be part of one team. If you have already created an account and you are invited to join a team, you will have to delete your account, before you can join this team.

Delete Account / How can I delete my account?


Please log in to your account and go to "My Account" -> "Team" -> "Delete Team".

Please be aware that all your data, including team member accounts, projects, and screens, will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.

How do my beta testers view the project without an Usersnap account?

The Usersnap QA project's Guest Access feature allows you to share a link to the project with your beta testers.

Usersnap FAQ

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