Create a Project

Usersnap Track Project

In your Usersnap Track dashboard, click on 'Add project' or 'Add new project'.

Give your new project a name.
You can enable the project access limit and choose the team members who will have access to your project.

Click on 'Create Project' and proceed with setting up your project

You can now create your first Usersnap screen using the many ways to create a screen for your Usersnap Track project:

Annotate and Make Comments on Your Screen

Once you've created a Usersnap Screen , you will see the annotation view.

You can add comments and annotations to your screen by using the different tools available.
When you are finished, click on the 'Send' button to save the screen to your Usersnap Track project.

After saving your screen, you will now see it along with other information and annotations in the Usersnap Track screen view.

More Information with Your Usersnap Screen

You can get more information attached to a screen with the Usersnap Track widget and browser extensions .

  • Image Size
  • Creator
  • Comment timeline
  • Browser version (widget + extension only)
  • Screen resolution (widget + extension only)
  • URL (widget + extension only)
  • Additional user information (widget + extension only)
  • JavaScript errors + XHR logs (widget only)

What's Next

Create a Team

Create a Project