Connecting Classic Internal Bug Tracking Projects with Countersoft Gemini

If you are using Countersoft Gemini to track bugs, to manage your projects or as help desk solution, Usersnap can deliver tickets including screenshots directly to your Gemini Tracker.

Here's how it works:

First, you need to find your Gemini API key on your Profile page in Gemini:

Go to your Usersnap project’s 3rd Party Integration tab and select Countersoft from the grid.

Copy and paste the API key to your Usersnap API configuration, together with your username and your Gemini URL.

After you successfully connected Gemini and Usersnap, you can select the corresponding Gemini project for your Usersnap reports. You can refine your tickets with additional fields - everything but the project is optional.

Finally, you will receive Usersnap screenshots delivered directly to your Gemini Tracker dashboard, including important meta information like the used browser version, the exact URL where the bug has been reported or notes from the reporting user (see example ticket below)

Updated 15 days ago


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