Console Recorder Feature

Enable the Console Reader

The Usersnap Console Recorder feature adds full XHR logs and JavaScript errors to every bug report. Before you can start, install the Usersnap QA widget to a website.

Open the widget configuration tab in your project's settings and click on 'Change color and features of the widget'.

'Enable' the console recorder.

Your Usersnap screen will now contain the log output when the screen was created with the Usersnap QA widget.

The Usersnap Console Recorder saves error and log messages and records XMLHttpRequests, too. With this feature, you will know what happened moments before the user clicks on the Usersnap button.


The Usersnap Console Recorder works with every modern web framework out of the box.

Errors which occur very early (e.g., a body onload function which fails) could be missed by the recorder because Usersnap is loaded asynchronously so as not to hit your page loading time.

If you are using AngularJS, the console recorder needs your help with a small library to record even internal AngularJS errors.

The Usersnap Console Recorder will work only when the Usersnap widget is used to create the screen. It does not record errors occurring on mobile devices.

Updated 5 months ago

Console Recorder Feature

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