Connecting Usersnap Classic Projects with Active Collab

Usersnap Classic and Active Collab can be easily connected.

Usersnap Classic can be connected to the on-premise and cloud versions of Active Collab Classic (4.2 and below)

Here's how it works:

In your Active Collab account's profile page, go to Options > API subscriptions > New Subscription and
add a new API subscription.

You can use "Usersnap" for the client name field. Choose "no" for Read Only option to activate read and write access to your project.

On the API Subscription's detail page, you will find the API URL and the API token.
The API URL looks like
The API token looks like 1-cqR1e1nYIe5PJsABAB3p6N01WSWi2KWqMb9CgYP6v.

Copy the API URL and API token. You will need them when you connect Usersnap Classic to Active Collab.

If you have a self-hosted on-premise instance of ActiveCollab, please make sure your integration server allows access from our rendering IPs and if you are using SSL, that you have valid certificates in place. You can check out SSL Labs certificate.

Go to your Usersnap Classic project's 3rd Party Integration tab and select Active Collab from the grid.

Enter your Active Collab API URL and API key and click on 'Connect now!'.

You can now choose your Active Collab project. You can also set the priority, category, milestone,
label and assignee for screens sent by Usersnap to Active Collab.

Click 'Save' and start sending tasks directly to your Active Collab project.

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