Release Notes

See how our latest innovations and product improvements help you blaze new trails to productivity.

Updated Firefox Addon

November 2017 release
With the new, updated Firefox addon, we improved the user experience of our addon, as it's now possible to choose the Usersnap Classic project before submitting a new screen.

Download the new Firefox Extension here.

Create Usersnap Screens

August 2017 release
Collecting internal feedback & bug reports with Usersnap Classic just got better. With the latest update, you can create new screens inside your Usersnap Classic project.

Learn more about how to create Usersnap screens.

New email & in-app notifications

August 2017 release
When using Usersnap Classic, notifications come in handy to get updates on new activities and updates from your users and colleagues.

Learn more about how to set up your email notifications and use the in-app notification center.

Bulk editing

August 2017 release
Bulk Editing is a fast, flexible new way for you and your team to collaborate, manage, and organize internal feedback. With Bulk editing, you can close, and re-open multiple screens at once, assign multiple screens to a team member, and add labels to multiple screens.

To learn more about bulk editing and how to use it, visit this article here.

Updated Integration for JIRA, Trello, GitHub, and Zendesk

July 2017 release
We’re excited to release a much-anticipated feature that makes our integrations – and therefore, your workflow – even better. This update is for those who integrate Usersnap with a 3rd party app, like Trello or JIRA.

Meet Backlinks, your team’s faster way to clarity.

New Basecamp 3 integration for bug tracking

June 2017 release
We are excited to introduce you to our newly launched Basecamp 3 integration for Usersnap Classic. To learn more about our new Basecamp 3 integration and how to set it up, please check out this article.