Install the Platform Project Widget

Create and Configure your Platform Project Widget

In the section of the project configuration, you may select a question from the dropdown or write in your own text. Other features can be configured as shown below.

You can configure the advanced settings of your project, such as the button location. And don't forget to select the language to one of the 8 supported ones or the browser language.

Install the Platform Project Widget via HTML code

The Usersnap Feedback widget works on all major desktop and mobile browsers.

To install it on your website just follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the installation page of your project

Step 2. Click on "Copy code" to copy the code snippet
Step 3. Paste this code snippet at the end of your website, just before the closing </ body > tag

Install via Google Tag Manager

It is possible to add the Usersnap Platform Project widget to your website by using Google Tag Manager.

Step 1. Create a new tag
Step 2. Choose "Custom HTML" as tag type

Step 3. Insert the Usersnap code snippet
Step 4. Add a trigger and save your new tag

Once you've applied these changes to your website or web app, your customers and website visitors can now start sending QA feedback and customer satisfaction ratings to your team.


Usersnap is available as WordPress plugin, installing it is straightforward. You can download it here.

Concerning the installation via Wordpress of the Global snippet, you only need to enter the API key of the global widget and then it works.

It’s like having the global snippet installed on your Wordpress page, and you can configure everything else in the project settings/display rules from the dashboard.

Browser Extension: Google Chrome Extension & Firefox extension

Google Chrome Extension: Google Chrome users can find the Usersnap extension in the Chrome Store: Google Chrome Store

Firefox extension: Firefox users can find the Usersnap extension in the add-ons directory for Firefox: Firefox Extension

Logging Into Your Browser Extension

There are two ways to log into your Firefox browser extensions.

Using Usersnap log-in credentials

Once your Firefox extension is installed and configured, you can create a screen on any website by clicking on the Usersnap icon on your browser toolbar.

Using Usersnap project API key

Once your Firefox extension is installed and configured, you can create a screen on any website by clicking on the Usersnap icon on your browser toolbar.

You are ready to submit screens to different projects if wanted. All that you need to do is to select a different project name or fill in a different API key.

Button display

The feedback button's displaying rule can be configured directly from the dashboard. You can define the URL where the button shall / shall not be seen and also select the target audience.

You can also trigger the feedback button only once per user if preferred.

Widget display

Widgets from all Platform project types can be configured to pop up directly without the need to click on the feedback button. It can be triggered on page load or by time.

The displaying rule of this popup widget is also configurable just like the Feedback button above. Moreover, you can even trigger the widget to be popped up if a certain event is fired.

See the event trigger example here.

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Install the Platform Project Widget

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