Install the Customer Feedback Widget

Create and Configure your Customer Feedback Widget

In the section of project settings, you may select a question from the dropdown or write in your own text. Other features can be configured as shown below.

Install the Customer Feedback Widget

The Usersnap Feedback widget works on all major desktop and mobile browsers.

To install the feedback button on your site, simply copy and paste the following JavaScript code before the closing </body> tag.

You can find your project snippet in the Settings>Installation section of your Usersnap Customer Feedback project.

You can configure the advanced settings of your project. And don't forget to select the language to one of the 8 supported ones or the browser language. Click on 'Save'.

Install via Google Tag Manager

It is possible to add the Usersnap Customer Feedback widget to your website by using Google Tag Manager.

Step 1. Create a new tag
Step 2. Choose "Custom HTML" as tag type

Step 3. Insert the Usersnap code snippet
Step 4. Add a trigger and save your new tag

Once you've applied these changes to your website or web app, your customers and website visitors can now start sending feedback and customer satisfaction ratings to your team.

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Install the Customer Feedback Widget

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