Guestlist Access

Getting Client Approval faster

With the Guest Access Feature from Usersnap, you can allow your clients or colleagues who are not paying users of Usersnap, to view all open or resolved issues of a certain project. They may also have access to the screen details and post comments of their own.

Activate the Guestlist Access

Step 1: Activate the Usersnap Guest Access Feature in your General Settings.

Step 2: Share the link of the guest list with your client(s).

This link can only be shared manually by the team owner or team members.

Step 3: Go to the Guestlist.

The client(s) who received the link of the Guestlist shall log in first.

Once logged in, they can view all screens of this project and also follow up with specific screens.

Step 4: Click on the screen you want to follow.

All existing comments will be shown and clients may also post a response if needed.

The link will cease to function once the project is archived.


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Guestlist Access

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