Survey product and feature feedback

To help you and your team better understand the preferences, needs, and friction of your customers, send microsurveys to ask customers for feedback. Short and in-the-moment surveys have higher response rates and return invaluable insights for your product improvement and ideation.

Here are some ideas for you:

When and how to use embedded inline forms?

To minimalize the distraction of the feedback survey, you can integrate the feedback form to your website pages or use a native button to open the widget.

Here's a video to help you and show you some famous examples:

When and how to use email surveys?

Sending emails to ask for feedback can show your customers that you truly care about what they have to say even if the interaction on the website or app has finished. This extra gesture from you can make customers more willing to share their feedback.

Here's an example of using NPS surveys within the web app compared to sending NPS surveys.